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Teacake the Time Travelling Robot Dinosaur

Teacake's sock drawer

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albatross, andragogy, animation, ariel schrag, art deco, asparagus, assam tea, astronauts, astrud gilberto, authoritative people, autobio, badgers, being told off, belligerence, biscuit dunking professors, bitchy bitch, bits of string, blackberries, blue ceilings, bristol, cake forks, cartooning, cartoons, catalogues, cello, charity shops, cherry trees, chomsky, christchurch, circles inside other circles, colour, comic books, comic culture, comics, comix, community education, constancy, craft, dark rye bread, deschooling, design, digital camera, doilies, dongle, doodling, drawing, ears, education, educational research, educational sociology, ellen forney, erythromycin, extra ram, feminist theory, florentines, funny jokes, funtime, funtime comics, garish cardigans, gayness, geekiness, gender culture, giraffes, glasses, glop, going on trains, green sweets, grey tone marker pens, hagley park, hax0rz, holidays, hyper-intelligent lunatics, ivan illich, japanese lime tea, jeremy dennis, kalamata olives, kumara, lime oil, love, marinated artichoke hearts, maths, mathsexuality, minicomics, mopy, more tea, nethack, nina paley, not having a cold, oink!, old things, old wood, osx, other games like nethack, oxford, parties, pedagogy, pedestrianism, peeling labels off, pingy noises, plastic flowers, polypropelene, post-ironic crochet, powerpuff girls, professional culture, professional development, queer theory, rainier cherries, rosemary, rude jokes, rum and raisin icecream, self publishing, sexy geeks, sexy maths talk, shorter oxford, sincerity, sleep, small press, social theory, sociology, space, sugar mice, surgical gloves, tea, tea parties, teacake, teacake comics, teatime, thatching, the clangers, the hoobs, the magic roundabout, the sky, toasted teacakes, toronto, touching cornflour, transparency, underwear, water, weather forecasters, web comics, whales in the thames, william perry jr, µ

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