January 9th, 2012

teacake's pot


I've obviously not done a good job of revitalising my 'blog; haven't written anything since October. Mainly I know I need to do more to keep up with people not on Facebook -- I've not really taken to that google+ thing so far.

Anyway, the point of this post is Katherine wants to know how I make tabbouleh. I love tabbouleh, and I made some on Saturday night as I was going walking on Sunday and needed something to take for lunch, and it's probably my favourite thing to take for lunch on a walk - very sustaining.

Put some dry bulghur wheat in a bowl, add a little salt, pour on boiling water until it's just covered with a mm or two of water to spare. Cover the bowl and wait for half an hour. Stir it up and mix in some olive oil and lemon juice - I add them by taste. Then I add chopped spring onions, and loads of chopped tomato and parsley, and maybe some coriander leaves. You can also use cucumber, but actually I tend not to if I'm planning on keeping it more than a day. If I'm expecting it to be a whole meal in itself, I mixed in some feta cheese cut into tiny cubes. Then chill it.