Teacake (badasstronaut) wrote,

Too much London?

Two weekends in a row to London. I was up at 5:30 this morning getting ready to drive back to the office, and now I am looking forward to my bed very much. Last weekend was a bit traumatic; we had lunch at Maze Grill (one of Ramsey's) and I got very ill while I was there. I'm pretty sure it was the trout starter, but they assured me since that many people had the same dishes I had and no other problems were reported. I guess it could've been coincidental, but I'm very suspicious given it was sudden, violent and over fairly quickly, although my head and nose are still sore from bashing myself about when I was struggling to remain conscious.

The weekend just gone was less eventful, but we did go to see Glen Campbell at Southbank. He's doing his final tour, now suffering from dementia. He can still hold the stage though.

Next week is field trip week for our Faculty, and I have planned to take the week off. I was planning to spend much of it in London, but I feel like staying home. I can't park at Kris's during the week, so I'd have to use public transport, and trying to plan getting about on buses and trains and things just makes me feel like I want to stay home. Also, I feel like maybe I do just need some time at home. I'm tired.
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