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autumn Monday assortment

I've had a weekend of bright autumn sunshine, colourful leaves and baking for a tea party, in my city that looks like this:

(when you stand on the suspension bridge).

Also, strange dreams about high tech office furniture, people dismissing me, small rooms filled with books, and travelling.

This morning I didn't want to leave my car and come inside, because I was enjoying listening to Mary Warnock on the radio, talking about how the basis of morality for secular society is the emotion of sympathy and not reason, which brings into question the notion of faith-based versus rational approaches to morality.

Now I'm here I have students emailing me about modules I've never even heard of.

I watched a couple of episodes of Gavin & Stacey last week, and found it very amusing. I never bothered with it before - for some reason I expected it would be like Will & Grace (which I think is rubbish) because the title is two people's names. I don't suppose it was very logical to think so.
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