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I'm not in Oxford. Actually, I'm so tired at the moment that I think I really needed down time at home. It seems ages since I had a whole weekend home alone with nothing much planned. But I do feel like I've been submerged in my head and out of touch with people, and I don't really know how to get myself back into things again.

I did go out in the morning (clothes shopping) and it was lovely and bright out, but cold! I wore a winter coat and gloves and sun glasses. I'm cold right now, but still haven't turned on the heating -- it's still September!

I also got a load of washing done and line dried. Domestica. I tried the plum jam I'd made under difficult circumstances this afternoon, because I was scared that maybe it wasn't nice (and I'd been giving it to people) but it was nice. In the week I froze beans and added those to the raspberries and plums already in the freezer. I'll have to try to remember to use up all this stuff somehow.

I finally tracked down a hot water bottle in Superdrug at Fishponds. They said they don't normally have them, but brought them in from another shop because of demand. No covers though, so I've made my own out of an old jumper, as per a suggestion on the Guardian website (although I think the depicted example looks a bit tatty), and have been embroidering it this evening in front of the television.

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