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Lastly night was my second night in a row of strangely disturbing dream activity. I notice I seem to get a surge of this sort of thing now and again. The night before last I dreamed I was looking at myself in a mirror and could see a network of very dark raised veins all across my chest. Since I find anything to do with imagery around the circulatory system very unsettling, unsurprisingly I woke up totally creeped out.

This morning I woke with intense pain in my head, neck and shoulders (the pain disappeared quite quickly once I was properly awake. I'd been dreaming about having to suddenly deliver a course about wild birds and plants. I was on some mad, hard to navigate campus, and had no idea where my class was. Some friends (who seemed more cheerful and confident) led me about, and finally halfway up a flight of stairs on a landing was a heavy curtain. One of the people I was with put her hand behind the curtain and found a door to a grassy area outside, and the class was assembling there. As I followed, I was frantically scanning a module guide to find out what the assessment criteria and activities for the course were. Everyone else was in a good mood and looking forward to the course. I was keeping up a professional veneer, but inwardly panicking.

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