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OK then...

This summer seems frantically busy, and it's whipping past like a chaotic dream in some respects. Tomorrow my sister and I are off to The Big Chill - I've wanted to go and see what it's like for ages. Now it's happening, I think I'm more interested in the idea of just having some time away with my sister hanging out in a field somewhere, and it'll be nice there's some interesting stuff going on around us. To be honest, my last camping trip was not so great, so I need another one to drive away the ambivalence. Next week, weather permitting, I'm camping again just for the weekend. So obviously I'm not that discouraged. The weekend after that is Pride, and the weekend after that I am planning the second anniversary picnic for my local electronic social network - last year's was really lovely, and I played football (for the first time that I can recall)! And that'll be August over and time to anticipate the new intake of students. I'm in such a good mood currently that I'm not even scared of autumn/winter approaching. So there.

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