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Just returned from Caption 2010

Moto asked me this morning what's up -- I haven't been 'blogging much. The answer to why haven't I been 'blogging is basically Facebook. My main motivation for using here was general online social interaction, and it's so much easier to do that there. I feel like it reduces the drivel content here, which can't be a bad thing -- I used to do several 'blog posts a day sometimes, and it was all a load of crap.

That aside, I'm in a tremendously, sickeningly good mood lately for all kinds of reasons. This weekend was really lovely, for catching up with people I don't tend to see unless I go to these things. Also, spending some time with PB, who I've seen very little of this year because he's so very busy now, was really nice. Also, I've met someone new who I'm really keen on which is terrifying, but also very exciting.
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