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So where was I?

The 5th UK MCR has now been and gone.

Still recovering from a cold that had been coming and going during the past fortnight or so, I'd developed a wheezy cough especially at night, and it was tiring me out. So I worried a bit about my capabilities. I think I've done it enough times now though that I feel quite confident I know what I'm doing. I'm not naturally a highly organised planner for catering for social things; I tend to just muddle along and estimate and hope things will work out okay, but numbers at MCR are slightly too high to do the estimating reliably without a plan and a bit of experience. Well, I think I have the experience now, and a combination of that as well as having such delightfully helpful and supportive friends meant all ran very smoothly.

Thursday night I got home from post-work knitting ladies' end of year curry and baked Friday night's pudding and completed my structured meal plan and shopping list. Friday I packed up the car, visited Sainsbury's on the way to the farm and then got started on Friday night's dinner which I kept really really simple (only one kind of soup, and pudding having been prepared the previous night), and as a result managed to get everything on the table promptly and without even raising my blood pressure in the least. Saturday lunch also went pretty smoothly. I can't say the same about Saturday night, though, because it was a little more ambitious. I took a risk on the pudding and adapted a recipe I'd never even tried out. The result was a pudding that looked rather frighteningly sentient. Still, all went pretty well.

discipline_lad, did a splendid job of script direction as usual, and this time had instructed everyone to bring strange objects. When I wandered in from the kitchen it seemed that various filthy ideas originating from girlycomic were being tossed about. So girlycomic wins this year's official prize for filthy ideas. Special thanks also to jinty for stepping in to manage pie distribution - I find that side more stressy than the actual preparation. Also thank you to everyone who went out of their way to help out in various ways, such as transporting others, helping with washing up and the final clean up and sorting out lunch this afternoon.

So - all over for another year, but I'm already looking forward to next time. Also, it seems like a long long time until Caption, and I feel like I don't see a lot of my friends from other towns these days; is anyone up for a spring excursion, a la Glossop/Caernarfon? I am willing to help organise perhaps with a collaborator.
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